2021-04-06 | 张康:How to write and publish a technical paper in English?



Writing a proper technicalpaper in English is always a challenge for Chinese students. Good introduction(from an insider who has chaired many conferences and on editorial boards ofseveral journals) to writing and guided practice would help students to quicklygain the writing skills. This talk introduces the basic requirements for properstyles and formats targeted at IEEE or ACM conferences and journals (forComputer Science and Software Engineering, but equally applicable to otherengineering disciplines). The recent option of open publications will also bediscussed. Most importantly, how to get a paper accepted and published? We willprovide some real case studies: reasons for some rejected papers submitted toan IEEE conference will be analyzed based on reviewers’ comments. We willfinally list several typical Chinese English phrases and suggest better usages.



46日(周二) 15:30 17:00



张康博士现任美国The University of Texas atDallas计算机科学专业终生教授,还是富布莱特杰出讲席教授(FulbrightDistinguished Chair), ACM杰出讲演人(ACMDistinguished Speaker),VINCI国际会议的指导委员会主席,Journalof Visual Language and Computing, International Journal of Software Engineeringand Knowledge Engineering, Journal of Big Data,The Visual Computer, 和《软件学报》等期刊的编委。并应邀在多个管理科学和计算机科学国际会议上作主旨演讲,担任过多个国际会议大会主席和程序委员会主席。发表过8本论著, 100多篇国际期刊论文(涵盖计算机、信息科学、软件工程、心理学、建筑、艺术、和设计等领域近50种不同期刊), 160多篇国际会议论文。张康教授的主要研究领域是可视化语言, 信息可视化, 计算机艺术, 软件工程。